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Welcome to the New Wholistic Healing Path

My main function is to be of assistance to those people who are actively looking for meaning and purpose in their lives.  I work with those who never felt they truly belong here or fit among Earth humans, those for whom many things humans do does not make any sense, and they know  - this planet and all of it's inhabitants could be living in peace and harmony... I work with those who strive to awaken and reconnect with their true, original being, their original essence and consciousness. I work with families of New children, who's health and/or behavioural challenges may have forced their parents to start looking at things from a different perspective...

New Wholistic Healing

True Healing commences naturally when our dis-integration ceases to exist and we re-gain wholeness on all levels simultaneously. Human body is encoded with innate consciousness and has an in-built mechanism that allows it to heal and restore when provided with proper conditions. These conditions include internal (integrity, honesty, purity of thoughts, feelings and motivations) as well as external (such as clean air, water, vital food and a healthy life style - nourishing for the mind, body and soul).

New Wholistic Healing

is welcoming all those who are already on the path of creating a new level of health in their life. I work predominantly with people who have higher awareness and deeper understanding of this reality. I work with those who know that they are much more than Earth humans. My preferred clients are children since they represent new humanity coming into this reality.

 One of the most effective treatments that I can offer is to provide a person with knowledge and specific techniques (tools) that help him  or her to deepen and broaden their understanding and awareness of themselves, which enables them to change on deepest levels. As they start to change their less-than-harmonious and self-sabotaging ways of thinking and living, they become capable of healing their deepest traumas related to this and other life times and eventually bringing forth their true aspects.

In order for a patient to start on their healing journey he or she has to assume a 100% responsibility for their health and their life. In my view, based on more than 20 years of experience this is one of the most important pre-requisites for a true healing.


How I can assist

 Having vast experience as a Medical doctor in the past (in Moscow, Russia where I was an orthopaedic and trauma surgeon), then having worked for 20 years as a Naturopathic Doctor here in Ontario and having gone through a life-long path of self-healing and inner growth, I am now able to be of assistance to other people who resonate with me. While I am no longer a member of the Naturopathic profession, I remain being a holistic healer.  I only work with people who are actively involved in their own healing process and are ready to move deeper into an understanding of who and what they are, as well as with children of all ages.


What is new

Letting my patents know that I am leaving the Naturopathic profession starting on April 1 2017.

You may contact me via e-mail or phone if you wish to continue your healing process with my assistance.


Please call or e-mail me:

p (905)936-5046